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Degrassi New Beginnings Roleplay Page

Degrassi’s Old Power Couple now taken!
Emma Nelson & Spinner Mason. (Who aren’t married)

Degrassi’s Old Power Couple now taken!

Emma Nelson & Spinner Mason. (Who aren’t married)

 Taken Roles of DNB’s Page 3.

Jessica Martello

Drew Torres

KC Guthrie

Brooklyn Jones

Manny Santos

Declan Coyne

Owen Milligan

Jane Vaughn

Jimmy Brooks

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Taken Charectors of Dnb’s: Page 2

Alli Bhandari

Jay Hogart

Hannah Sinclair

Adam Torres

Holly J Sinclair

Beth Goldsworthy

Katie Matlin

Anya Macpherson

Fiona Coyne

Imogen Moreno

Taken Character’s of DNB’s, Page 1: 

Damian Hayes

Darcy Edwards

Axel Moore

Sean Cameron

Jake Martin

Clare Edwards

Dani Middleton

Sadie Rowland

Jenna Middleton

Tori SantaMaria





WE WANT YOU - To take these open charectors that are desperetly needed! So come be our Eli, Bianca, Katie, or our very sexy Owen ;)


Hey all you Degrassi lovers!! So I am apart of this huge roleplay called DNBs. The thing is that its been kind of dying lately and we need more people. We are always IC and its AU so you can be as crazy as you want. Most of us are friends OOC so as you can tell we are very friendly people. But the point is that we need more people. We have tons of people open so if you are interested in being anyone please message me. No auditioning is required just message me saying who you want to be and I will tell you what to do from there. We are a facebook roleplay by the way. But please consider joining if you are interested cause it is very fun and active :) Here is the list of all the available and taken characters: (if there is an x next to the name that means they are taken)


[] Adam Torres

[] Alli Bhandari

[x] Anya MacPherson

[] Bianca DeSousa 

[] Chantay Black

[x] Clare Edwards

[] Connor Deslauries

[] Dave Turner

[x] Declan Coyne

[x] Drew Torres

[x] Eli Goldsworthy

[x] Fiona Coyne

[x] Holly J Sinclair

[x] Imogen Moreno

[x] Jake Martin

[x] Jenna Middleton

[] Katie Matlin

[x] KC Guthrie

[] Marisol Lewis

[] Maya Matlin

[] Owen Milligan

[] Sav Bhandari

[] Tori Santimaria

[] Tristian Milligan

[] Wesley Bentemkamp

[] Zig Novak

[] Jess Martello

[] Hannah Bellmont

[] Mark Fitzgerald

[x] Sadie Rowland

Degrassi TNG:

[] Alex Nunez

[] Asley Kerwin

[] Blue Chessex

[] Bruce The Moose

[] Craig Manning

[x] Damian Hayes

[] Danny Van Zandt

[] Darcy Edwards

[] Derek Haig

[] Ellie Nash

[] Emma Nelson

[] Hazel Aden

[] Jane Vaughn

[x] Jay Hogart

[] Jimmy Brooks

[] Johnny DiMarco

[] JT Yorke

[] Kelly Ashoona

[] Leia Chang

[] Liberty Van Zandt

[x] Manny Santos

[] Marco Del Rossi

[] Mia Jones

[] Paige Michalchuck

[] Peter Stone

[] Rick Murray

[] Riley Stavros

[x] Sean Cameron

[] Spinner Mason

[] Terri McGregor

[] Toby Isaacs

[] Zane Park


[] Ms. Winnie Oh

[] Archie Simpson

[] Mr. Dan Raditch

[] Ms. Hatzilakos


[] Charlie Lima

[] Mr.Tuxedo Pants

[] Anson

[] Vince

Your Election Winners!

This is the official page for Degrassi: New Beginnings roleplay. If you wanna join just message me!! The list of taken and available characters will be posted every week so please don't message me asking who is and isn't available, just scroll down and look for the list please. And also we are accepting 10 made up characters so if you wanna be a made up character then just ask first please. Please note this is a Facebook Degrassi Roleplay. Thank you!! :)



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