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Degrassi New Beginnings Roleplay Page

Taken Charectors of Dnb’s: Page 2

Alli Bhandari

Jay Hogart

Hannah Sinclair

Adam Torres

Holly J Sinclair

Beth Goldsworthy

Katie Matlin

Anya Macpherson

Fiona Coyne

Imogen Moreno

  1. degrassinbroleplay posted this

This is the official page for Degrassi: New Beginnings roleplay. If you wanna join just message me!! The list of taken and available characters will be posted every week so please don't message me asking who is and isn't available, just scroll down and look for the list please. And also we are accepting 10 made up characters so if you wanna be a made up character then just ask first please. Please note this is a Facebook Degrassi Roleplay. Thank you!! :)